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Waking Up to What You Do

Life is rising up to meet us at every moment. The question is: Are we there to meet it or not. Diane Rizzetto presents supremely effective tools for meeting every moment of our lives with mindfulness. They help us develop a keen awareness behind every aspect of our behavior-to "wake up to what we do"-from moment to moment. As we train in mindfulness of our actions, every situation of our lives becomes our teacher, offering priceless insight into what it really means to be happy. It's a simple practice with transformative potential. Enabling us to break through our habitual reactions and to see clearly how our own happiness and well-being are intimately, inevitably connected to the happiness and well-being of everyone around us.

One of the best 10 religious books of 2005

"...the best-selling books are not always critical faves. Some on our “best” list—culled from the starred reviews in PW and listed here alphabetically by author—have become bestsellers..."

"Diane Eshin Rizzetto. Waking Up to What You Do: A Zen Practice for Meeting Every Situation with Intelligence and Compassion (Shambhala). A Zen abbess applies Buddhist principles to everyday life in ways that are both pragmatic and compassionate."
Jana Riess, from Spotlight On…The Year in Books, Our Picks for Best Religion Books of 2005,

What people are saying about Waking Up to What You Do

"A gem of a book; relevant for all schools of buddhadharma. This work goes well beyond listing and explaining rules to live by. We are given tools of discernment that bring these guidelines to life and make the precepts a far more interesting and creative dharma practice."
Larry Rosenberg, author of Breath by Breath and Living in the light of Death

"With Waking Up to What You do, Diane Rizzetto offers us something uniquely valuable. Her discussion of the Zen Buddhist ethical precepts, more than any other discussion of the precepts I have read, is concrete, realistic, nuanced, and grounded in the realities of life in our post-modern world. This is also the only book on the precepts I am aware of that includes detailed practices for daily use, as well as extensive comments by students who have brought their lives to precept stud. Buddhist students, and all those concerned with the reality (as opposed to the ideology) of moral choices will find this book an eminently useful treasure chest."
Zoketsu Norman Fischer, former abbot, San Francisco Zen Center, founder and teacher, Everyday Zen Foundation. Author of Taking Our Places: the Buddhist Path to Truly Growing Up

"…a thoughtful, sensitive examination of how to be a genuinely good person in this world. Steering a wise course between recklessness and self-righteousness has never been an easy task in life, and Diane Rizzetto does a beautiful job guiding that journey."
Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness and Faith

"A wonderfully honest, wise and useful book, and an important one, as we find a way to express a spirituality of compassion in our troubled world."
Joan Halifax, Upaya Zen Center, Santa Fe. New Mexico

"….an excellent description of what Buddhist practice is fundamentally about. Diane Rizzetto knows the terrain extremely well. She has lived and practiced it her whole life; her methods, insights, and anecdotes invite readers to do the same. This book is about more than just Buddhist precepts. It is a roadmap toward a more awakened and illumined life."
Lewis Richmond, author of Work as a Spiritual Practice

"No aspect of Zen practice more crucial today than precepts, the bodhisattva mode of expressing compassion and insight in our troubled world. Diane Rizzetto's book provides a good introduction to actual practical engagement in the life of precepts. Her detailed examples from everyday situations clearly demonstrate how to find our own helpful deep awareness."
Taigen Dan Leighton, author of Faces of Compassion: Classic Bodhisattva Archetypes and Their Modern Expression

"...a clear guide for using the probing power of the precepts to invesetigate the restrictive habit patterns that underlie our thoughts and actions. Anyone who follows Diane's able, articulate and warm hearted guidance will be launched on a most interesting journey, a lifetime of discovery of their innate potential for ever-increasing freedom and happiness...."
Jan Chozen Bays, Great Vow Monastery, author of Jizo Bodhisattva : Guardian of Children, Travelers, and Other Voyagers